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Relations hypertension or high blood pressure with kidney disease

The hypertension
For the common people, not many who understand how important we maintain the blood pressure to remain normal, so do not fell ill hypertension or high blood pressure that can cause various diseases such as heart attack, stroke and kidney trouble. Blood taken from the heart to all of our bodies through the blood vessel called the arterial.

Blood pressure is the pressure caused blood to arterial blood vessel walls when the heart pumping blood throughout the body. This pressure can be measured with a variety of ways, but the most common way is to use mercury and tensimeter stethoscope. Blood pressure recorded as the 2 groups, for example, 120/80 mmHg. The first number is the 120 blood pressure sistolik, and the number 80 is diastolik. Of blood pressure expressed in mmHg or meter millimeter mercury.

Here are a classification of blood pressure according to the report of the Committee on the joint national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure in July 2003.
Category Sistolik Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Diastolik
Normal <120> = 160 mmHg (or)> = 100 mmHg

Alerts – sign hypertension
From the table above show that hypertension is to have pressure sistolik 140 or higher and distolik 90 or higher. If this happens usually people with hypertension experience dizziness or headache because without a clear, easily tired and bleeding often occur on the nose (mimisen). But many people hipertensei not have any complaints. If the blood pressure numbers indicate we have hypertension then this can damage the blood vessel in the entire organ. Hypertension will be more severe if a person suffering from diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

Relationships hypertension or high blood pressure with kidney disease
Because hypertension can damage the blood vessel, while the blood filtered by the kidneys there is a very close relationship between hypertension and kidney. So that hypertension can damage the kidneys, and people with kidney disease can also cause hypertension. The condition of hypertension will also add a variety of severe diseases such as heart, diabetes mellitus or diabetes, obesity and stroke. Therefore you need to know the condition of blood pressure and kidney. Make checks them regularly at least 6 months. Know the condition of the kidney and blood pressure so we can prevent hypertension and kidney.

Tips for healthy people with hypertension
If you already terlanjur affected by hypertension, the blood pressure to get back to normal then we have to do things – the following.

* Reduce consumption of salt (the maximum is 2.4 grams per day).
* Make exercise a regular basis.
* If you have the excess body weight, immediately revealed. Because obesity can also narrow the blood vessel.
* Stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
* Reduce food meat, gorengan, sugar high.

Hopefully with the above descriptions can be useful for all of us so that we can live more healthy. Comments, questions of experience and I wait in the comment form.


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